The Bull Head Difference

We have been building truck bodies and accessories since 2005. We build each one as if it were our own. Our beds have been tried and tested in every capacity imaginable.

* Standard Features

Bed Frames​ - 100% Aluminum 

NO Steel Subframe to Rust

Any structure is only as good as the framework. Bull Head Products uses Only 6061 T-6 Heavy Duty structural channels or I-Beams. In some cases 6061 square or rectangular tubing is used.


Things we would NEVER sell:

  • Thin Aluminum Main Runner & Crossmember

  • Steel Subframe that can Rust

  • Formed (soft alloy) Crossmembers

  • Thin Floor Plates


Floor Plate

  • Diamond or Smooth Plate available

  • Apitong Wood

  • Rubber (Rumber)

Tricks of the Trade - Beware

Some manufacturers  measure the diamond tread plus the plate to arrive at a “false” thickness (i.e. 1/8” plate + the diamond = 3/16” — thus giving a false measurement)

To check this, just raise the trap door and look at the floor thickness.


  • Head Board is made of 3” x 3/16" wall Square Tubing (6061 T-6) – welded to bed

  • Tail Board welded to bed and has the ICC bumper built in

  • Lights: Clearance Lights, Stop, Turn, Tail Lights, Backup Lights included

  • DOT Reflective Tape

  • Window Grill 2” Square Tubes turned 45º in Head Board. Superior Window Protection.

  • Stake Pockets accept 2x4’s and the Larger Flat Hooks that come on Ratchet

  • Heavy Duty Rub Rails

  • Trap Door (gooseneck beds) - a Bull Head Exclusive - NO Hinges to break off. Can be removed completely if desired.

 Wiring and Electrical

Our wiring harnesses are professional made. Each splice is soldered and sonically welded together. The ground wire is built into the harness so that there is only One Ground on the main harness which is connected to the main truck harness ground. The wiring is in Loom. For custom wiring we do in house, each connection is heat shrink wrapped if possible. If ground screws are needed for accessories on the bed, we use Stainless Steel Screws and Dielectric Grease. We do everything possible to prevent corrosion or problems with wiring. Our Beds come Standard with an LED Light Package, however our Deluxe LED Package Upgrade is preferred by many. It has more diodes in each light and is very nice looking, even when not lit up. The attention to small details like these, sets us apart from the competition. 


Our beds are constructed of 100% Aluminum!  This means we do Not have a Steel Subframe with and Aluminum Body on top. In this example, it is vital because the fish tank has salt water in it. The salt will rust the steel subframe. Usually our beds outlast the truck frame itself. Also, this particular bed has 8000 lbs. on it every day thus showing the Strength. Most of our competitors cannot withstand this kind of weight and abuse. 


Standard Heavy Duty Flat Bed

Extra Heavy Duty Dump Body

Our Standard Heavy Duty Bed is perfect for most trucks. It can handle general purpose work such as farming, towing a gooseneck trailer, light to medium-heavy industrial, and many other applications. It is built Heavier than anything on the market in it's class.

Extra Heavy Duty Upgrades are available!


For more strength and durability our Extra Heavy Duty Beds are the way to go. They are built with a heavier frame and floor plate. We recommend these beds for Heavy Industrial Use, Brush Trucks, Crane Trucks, Dump Trucks, and any other Heavy Duty Commercial Applications. If even more strength is needed, we can build the bed with extra gusset supports, reinforcement plates, I-Beams, etc.

Certified Welders

This photo shows one welder using

TIG and the other using MIG Process

Our Welds

Our Welders are Certified. They all have been trained in all the different processes. Our beds and accessories are welded using both MIG  and TIG Process. We Do Not Spot Weld our Beds Together! No Weld is shorter than 3" long except where the material being welded is shorter such as the frame channels which are only 1.5" wide. Even this will get welded on all four sides.